Progress 4/24

What I Did:

Today I put slightly exposed nipples in my project. And somehow my Prezi site thinks I type in Spanish which I must have accidentally done. So now it underlines all the English words (so all of them) in red.

Why I Did It:

Okay fine, today I did more than that but it looks dramatic so I wrote it anyway. I’m still piecing together the actual project, but have the concept, tools, and assets solidified. I just keep tweaking it so I will most likely take up until the final due date to finish.

As for the nipples, Marc Jacobs is my Sagittarius: straightforward, adventurous, and independent. And in his most recent show, he sent Kendall Jenner (the Kardashian) adventurously, straightforwardly, independently of most other shows, down the runway in a sheer top and no bra. So there you have your exposed nipples, and your Sagittarius personality traits.

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