Progress 4/22

What I Did:

Today I pulled more assets from the world wide web. Why did I do this? Because I am obsessed with fashion images! It’s been a long time of working on this project, and I am becoming more involved with it. It’s far from perfect but I am really interested in making it better. I’m still tweaking my Prezi, and looking for even more photos. I anticipate doing a lot of work at home in order to have my deliverable done by Thursday.

I’m also considering making the class presentation/Prezi like a trend-watch sort of thing? Like a “shop the trend!” insert to make the project a little more relatable. Maybe showing that yes, these two things are coming together not just in my opinion, and here’s the proof that you could wear to class on Tuesday!

Why I Did It:

It’s kind of hard to let this project go: I want more photos and a better deliverable, and I can’t stop touching it up. I don’t mean to hype it up because I am definitely finding it hard to mesh these two topics together in a way that someone who doesn’t like these topics won’t want to roll their eyes or go to sleep. But I’m trying! It’s been really interesting.

And Now For Something Completely Different:

FMDS, The Fashion Merchandising and Design Society at VT, works hard ALL YEAR towards one goal: the Annual Fashion Show! This year’s theme is Urban Jungle, and the show is at 8pm in the Squires Commonwealth Ballroom. A VIP event (hosted, planned, and executed by Katherine Roulston) with food, entertainment, and drink will begin at 7pm in Squires Williamsburg Room.

Tickets are $6 for VT Students, $7 for everyone else, and VIP Tickets (with gift bags, VIP Event access and front row seating) are $15!



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