Progress 4/17

What I did:

Today I re-worked my project intro. This involved some things that I hate to do: reading fashion blogs, visiting shopping sites… Awful stuff. ManRepeller has always been hilarious, and I find the articles really interesting and well written. It’s not the next great American novel (actually it kind of is because she made a book, so I take all of this back) but it is stimulating. I like the way she writes, and I think that her kind of style would make my intro better.

Rewriting the intro also required gathering some new assets, so I visited Nordstrom and Harper’s Bazaar online. I swear that my project is relevant, or about to be, because there are so many designers taking inspiration from the zodiac! It must be how whimsical but applicable and relatable it is, but zodiac signs are popping up everywhere in fashion. I really, really predict that it will soon be “a thing.” But I found more images of zodiac inspired clothing (one $700 pair of loafers is involved, that’s all I’ll say now).

Why I did it:

My old into was pretty wordy, and in the peer review class it had been suggested that I re-work it. I was never that attached to it, and it has always seemed like a placeholder for a better idea. This was why I visited the ManRepeller blog. Leandra Medine is “The” ManRepeller but recently the blog has gotten new writers, other than the original Medine. Her/Their style is funny and blunt, always raising an interesting point although the content may be shoe related. The site reminds me of Carrie Bradshaw’s updated, hysterical, more stimulating musings. Leandra, please don’t let this offend you.

Anyway, I did redraft my introduction and it is more in the vein of the ManRepeller style of writing, which I think for this project is much better.

There are also more visuals now! Hooray! Which is the reason I went two some online shopping sites. I got images of the $700 loafers and another nice piece that illustrates my point: fashion and zodiac signs are already well acquainted with each other.


  1. tengrrl

    Your post is a lot of fun to read today. Sounds like you are really enjoying this project. But would you really buy $700 shoes?!


    • katroul

      I would never dream of buying $700 shoes (at this point, maybe with my first real paycheck I would consider splurging, but I don’t see that paycheck heading at me in the near future…)! But it’s so interesting to see astrology signs creeping into fashion.


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