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What I Did
All this week I am lucky enough to be out of class and running around NYC! For credit, for the New York Study Tour 3 credit course, not for frivolity.Today the group from Virginia Tech, consisting of 20 girls and 2 female chaperones met with our tour guide who would get us around the city. We had unlimited subway passes for the week, which was the absolute height of convenience. First we went to an incredible studio called Lost Art.Lost Art was pioneered by designer Jordan Betten, who works with his wife and a small employee staff. This group makes custom leather goods, from bags, motorcycle coverings, to apparel. The pieces blend art and fashion, and you can tell Jordan respects the leather pieces he uses. He says that the leathers sort of speak to him, telling him what shape to take and what garment they belong as. He uses everything, in the vein of the Native American Indians, using scrap pieces from years ago on new projects. Betten even has a magnificent python skin, with face and tail intact that he plans to keep forever and never use.

After Lost Art the group took a guided tour of Macy’s. We did a quick change from holistic design to highly commercialized business, as Betten was relaxed in jeans and a t-shirt he made himself, and our Macy’s tour guide was in a classic suit. We talked about the business aspects of fashion at Macy’s, discussing merchandising, floor layout, product assortments, color and design, market weeks, and buying. Tooting my own horn: the guide asked us why Black Friday is called Black Friday, and I got the answer right (black friday is the day the accounting books move from the red to the black and the store makes their money).

After Macy’s we had a lunch break and went into Tiffany and Company as well as Bergdorf Goodman. Of course, Tiffany’s was amazing. But Bergdorf’s really took the cake. I stayed in the handbag department.. with my good friends, design houses Balenciaga, Prada, Gucci, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Fendi, Burberry, Victoria Beckham, and my favorite, Celine. There was an entire Celine wall, which looked like a shrine.

This Bergdorf Goodman experience really got me thinking about which design houses I should use. I have slowly been placing them with their respective signs, but have had an exhaustive list. Today I narrowed it down, and added some new houses that I hadn’t thought to use before (here’s to looking at you, Celine).

Finally, we listened to an alumni and some other higher ups speak at Ralph Lauren before ending our day.

Why I Did It
My huge list of design houses far, far outnumbered the twelve zodiac signs and had to be narrowed down. Seeing the product assortment at Bergdorf’s shed some new light on my plans and ideas, and definitely helped elevate my picks to use for this project, and should then elevate my work.

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Celine Shrine

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