Progress 3/27

What I Did
Today in class we all gave informal pitches of our remix projects. I can say that all of my classmates are wickedly creative, and I am looking forward to see how it all turns out. I don’t gave a genre yet for What’s Your Sign/Who Are You Wearing (my project), but after hearing all the pitches, I don’t feel too much like a slacker because we all still have some things to nail down.I can’t say anymore that I don’t have a genre, because it was suggested to me that I use Prezi. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that, but it will absolutely be a good genre to use. I have had a Prezi account for quite a while, so today I dug up my old password, accessed my account and started making my Prezi deliverable.


Why I Did It
Pre-Prezi, I was tossing around the ideas of an interactive star map – in my head it would be something where you see the constellations just as they are in the sky, and click one, which then takes you to a page where you can see the designer and the characteristics. This does not exist, and I can’t code, so that idea is not feasible. Then I was considering an interactive map of New York City, with markings where all of the showrooms are for the chosen designers, and then once you select one you are taken to a page where you see the explanation of that house as its sign. This wasn’t that exciting of an idea.Good thing then, that Prezi is the perfect genre. The presentation can begin with the wheel of all the zodiac signs, systematically zooming in on each and explaining the designer and characteristics. The way Prezi spins and twirls I hope will lend a sense of the relationships of one sign to the others and give it the flow that the signs are supposed to have (it begins with aries and flows through to pisces, the final sign). The spinning will also be reminiscent of the degrees that denote each of the signs.

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