Progress 3/25

Plot twist.

What I Did
Today I decided after seeing an example in class that my heart wasn’t set on remixing The Bachelor Episode 8. The in-class example was an article on a website, where the writer took famous authors and attempted to sort them into Hogwarts Houses (see it here:

So today, I undid all my progress and went in a new direction.

At this point all I can say for sure is that I will reassign the designers as zodiac signs, sort of like “who are you wearing” meets “what’s your sign.” For example, Leo is energetic and friendly, and draws people to them. A sign that nearly everyone is drawn to, and wants to befriend. So a design house with these characteristics would be Leo (I won’t say now, but I have already assigned some houses to their signs).

Why I Did It
I think a retelling of The Bachelor would be pretty funny, because an episode is two hours long. Our remixes have to be much shorter, so the characters and plots on the show have to be their most simple. So I hope the characters become sort of caricatures, not really themselves, in a funny way that isn’t designed to distort them.This episode is also my favorite, because JP does some pretty stupid things, makes Andi really mad, and they have a really silly fight.

I went in a new direction with the project, because I’m not that passionate about remixing The Bachelor. I am recently obsessed with horoscopes, and always keeping up with the major fashion design houses. The most recent NY Fashion Week (actually, February is like Fashion Month) my head nearly exploded looking at the Instagram feeds of some of these design houses. I wanted do a project that combined these two things, but since this isn’t really a story I didn’t know it was an option.

Hopefully if I can think of a presentable way to share my new project, it will be feasible! 

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