Progress 3/20

What I Did
I, of course, did some research on credible sources for this particular episode of The Bachelor. ABC lets you watch old episodes, so I found the full episode on their website. Wikipedia tells the story linguistically, in a quick recap form. I wouldn’t ordinarily think Wikipedia is a credible site, but for this kind of pop culture story I think it should be fine (I read it, the entry seems legitimate and matches up with the episode). Entertainment Weekly also recaps the episode, in a really funny way with the writer weighing in about everything the characters and producers do/decide. ┬áThe Hollywood Gossip website also tells the story with a lot of visuals, and video clips.

Aside from finding these stories, I made a storify account and started pulling tweets, photos, and GIFs to use. I haven’t found anything really great, yet, because twitter wouldn’t load for some reason. But I like the information that storify lets me pull, and i can put it in whatever order I want. So far, so good!

Why I Did It
The full ABC video of the episode is a very credible source, it is actually the story that we all know (we all being those who watched The Bachelor this season). The original version. The Wikipedia page is linguistic, short, but correct. Maybe not the greatest source. Like I said, I wouldn’t ordinarily say Wikipedia is credible, but in this case it speaks the truth. Who knows, I may not use it. Entertainment Weekly has the details about the episode and is a really long entry. Like I said, the author really puts their own opinion in the recap, which makes it a less credible source. The Hollywood Gossip I find credible, and love that it has so many assets in with the recap. Like short videos, and pictures.

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