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What I Did
I wanted to do this project on the entire Season 18 of The Bachelor, since this project was explained to us. I understood now that this would be an impossible story to remix!So finally, I narrowed it down to focus on Week 8, Part 2 of Season 18 of The Bachelor – The Overnight Dates (duh duh duh duuuh)In this fun little episode, Juan Pablo (or JP) gets the chance to spend the night with his last three bachelorettes: Andi, Clare, and Nikki. They are in Saint Lucia, and the overnight dates take place just after hometown dates.

The really fun part about this episode, is that Andi, a lawyer, gets in a really big fight with JP and he sort of acts like a child. Then, she leaves!

I think using Storify to retell this episode would help to capture it from the viewer’s perspectives, and in a more humorous light rather than such a serious reality TV way. Because it all is pretty funny, and not very serious.

Why I Did It
I think a retelling of The Bachelor would be pretty funny, because an episode is two hours long. Our remixes have to be much shorter, so the characters and plots on the show have to be their most simple. So I hope the characters become sort of caricatures, not really themselves, in a funny way that isn’t designed to distort them.

This episode is also my favorite, because JP does some pretty stupid things, makes Andi really mad, and they have a really silly fight.

Storify would be a good medium to tell it in, because it allows tweets, GIFs, Facebook posts, Youtube videos, and internet content to be communicated together. A story told from the viewer’s and the internet community’s perspective rather than the producers of The Bachelor would be something I would find interesting.

Storify allows for the use of visual, linguistic, spatial, and gestural communication. I’m not yet sure what design principles it allows me to mess with, but it can show all the content in its correct order.

I’m hoping all of these plans work out, but there will very likely be some changes by the time it’s all said and done.

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  1. tengrrl

    I think you’re right in focusing on a smaller topic than the whole show. You’d never finish in time if you tried the whole thing 🙂


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