Progress 4/15, Peer Review Day

What are the strengths of my draft that I should be sure to keep?

Using Prezi as a medium was applauded, for the fluid motions and design choices I am allowed to make with this medium. Also the dark background was said to be a strength, in keeping with luxury fashion and astrology.

What design choices were problematic, and how can I revise these?

It was suggested that I pay more attention to the zoomed out layout of my Prezi, and the flipping and turning. This wasn’t the most major suggestion, but I do think that the movement and overall shape should show some cohesion with the shape of the zodiac, i.e. a circle.

What rhetorical choices seemed out of place in my draft, and how can I better attend to my audience, purpose, context, and genre? 

I struggled trying to introduce the topic mashup. My explanation/introduction is very wordy and I’m not yet attached to it, so it was suggested that I maybe use pictures or shorten it, the bottom line being to figure out a new way to do so. Changing the introduction of the topic will help to keep my audience interested so I don’t lose them in the very beginning of my presentation.

What multimodal elements can I add/revise to strengthen the rhetorical effect and credibility of my project?

More pictures! Pictures are more interesting than words, and will help support my selections of the new zodiac sign choices and why. Also the movements in the Prezi need to reinforce the circular zodiac.

What are the most important changes I need to consider as I revise? 

More photos are important, and changing the introduction portion to keep my audience interested are also top priority. I want to change the shape of the Prezi and reinforce the wheel shape, but this isn’t the most important revision.

Given the time and technology constraints of this project, what can I reasonably revise before the due date? 

I have Rachel Zoe-like confidence that I can complete these suggested revisions before the due date, and that the final project will be “maj!”

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  1. tengrrl
    April 17, 2014 @ 5:46 PM

    It sounds like you got some good feedback on the things you need to work on, like that introductory explanation of the mashup. Looks like your revision plan is on target. Just keep up the work!


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