Remix a Story


My “Remix a Story” project is actually not a remix at all, and more of a mash-up of a few things I am recently obsessed with.

Namely, zodiac signs. And major design houses. It interests me that there are people who feel guided by their sign, and use their daily horoscope as a guide or even in sort of a prophetic way. I think that the whole idea of you and your values, etc., being set by your star sign is not very true. Rather I view horoscopes as personality templates. Each sign lays out characteristics that I would call common, then says, “hey, Leo, you’re friendly.” Then the Leo goes,” oh my gosh, I AM. This is so true.”

Mostly I think horoscopes are about to have a really big fashion moment, and I can’t wait to wear pisces ery’thang ery’where.

But for this project I will assign a major design house to its star sign, based on the personality and characteristics of the clothing designed by the house.

Image came from this website:

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