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This “Interrogate an Interface” project required, in the end, two deliverables. One had to be a web essay, posted on our respective wordpress sites. The other deliverable was an in class presentation. Since PowToon, the subject of my interrogation, is a presentation tool I decided to make my presentation with it. I plan on posting the link to my video/slideshow about the Affordances and Constraints of PowToon here! But first I will tell you about my experiences using the software.

I would not call myself “talented” at quickly learning to use new software. It was frustrating that there was no undo button (that I could find), because I was fiddling around and trying to get acquainted with buttons and commands. I really could’ve used an undo button, rather than trying to figure out how to fix my mistake. Another large constraint is that the presentation will always look like a cartoon, no matter which template the user elects to use.

Finally, I seemed to get the hang of it and was able to make a pretty amateur presentation (hey, I’m happy with it). There was a huge time constraint, but a major affordance of the tool is that the end result looks pretty darn good, and entertaining. People are impressed with what you figured out how to do, and you have learned how to use another presentation tool. When are these ever bad things?

Here’s the link to the PowToon website, and my presentation on the affordances and constraints of this tool.

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