PowToon is a presentation website that allows the user to perform comprehensive customization to their presentation, while also having access to presentation advice. Essentially, anyone can use the tools provided on this website to author their own intriguing presentation, making almost all of the design choices. Right away, PowToon compares itself to Microsoft PowerPoint. This is smart, because the user can immediately tell the workspace has a similar layout to PowerPoint, with the user’s slides on the left of the workspace, and how each individual slide can be customized when it’s selected, and with the toolbar on the top of the page; and even a similar name.

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“An alternative to PowerPoint and an end to “death by bullet-points” is desperately needed. But, you already knew that. Didn’t you?” it says on a main page on their website.

But PowToon differs from PowerPoint in that it is like a cartoon video, and uses this style to convey information. The site allows you to pick and choose from pre-made templates, complete with timing, effects, and suggestive text. You can also start completely from scratch, if you wanted to. PowToon, on any template, allows you to adjust timing and when effects and text appear on the screen, while also providing cartoon like pictures, fonts, and layouts to create a more fun theme than PowerPoint easily allows you to achieve.

PowToon says that because their tool is like a cartoon, people don’t tune out like they do when a PowerPoint presentation starts. This new visual style catches the viewer off guard, and makes them more receptive to the information.

PowToon tries to be sort of a “lifestyle” website, by administering public speaking advice as well as providing a tool with which to create fun presentations. Users can visit PowToon to see legendary public speakers giving their legendary presentations. For example, many of Steve Jobs’ presentations are available for viewing on PowToon’s website, and PowToon even outlines what he does well and what makes him such an effective public speaker. There are other PowToons created by site administrators that give tips and advice for your own presentations as well.

When you first begin to create a presentation, you are presented with hundreds of templates and styles to choose from. These are only a few of the examples, below.


After you select a template, PowToon takes you to your workspace, seen below. Here you can begin fiddling with animations, characters, text, timing, transitions, and anything else you can think of.
Finally, PowToon allows you to export your work to Youtube. You can also save and access all of your presentations on their website from your Dashboard page, seen below.


The user can gain access to all of these features by creating an account for free. PowToon seems to think their likely users are students, teachers, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and businesses or non-profit organizations. Really, this pool of potential users includes anyone who would need to make a presentation, in a multitude of settings.


Example of workspace, Figure 3.                                                                                      Example of dashboard, Figure 4.

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