dcfwFor this course we were instructed to name our websites something that could be easily linked to us and wouldn’t be confused with another student’s blog.

I chose to name my site “/meow” because that’s the word that I always have to use to clarify my┬áname, and have come to identify with myself. In a loud room, ordering coffee, almost anywhere, the conversation is the same. “What’s your name?” “It’s Kat.” “Kate? Kay?” “No, it’s Kat, like meow?”

Works every time!

I’m from Woodstock, VA, a small town just north of JMU. I’m a junior at Virginia Tech studying Apparel Product Development and Merchandising Management, and pursuing a minor in Professional Writing.

At Tech I’m involved in a few clubs and groups, which occupy a lot of my time. I am on the executive board of the Fashion Merchandising and Design Society, and our annual spring fashion show is coming up quickly (set your calendar for April 30 at 8:00pm if you’d like to attend!). I am also an Ambassador for the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, and a member of the academic society Gamma Beta Phi.

I’ve never taken a course that focused on digital media, and am excited to learn how to create and customize my own WordPress blog. I hope that the skills I learn in this course can translate directly into a career in the fashion industry.


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