pineappleWelcome! My name is Katherine (Kat) Roulston, and this blog is for English 3844, Writing and Digital Media at Virginia Tech.

After completing assignments for this course, they will be posted here on their respective pages.

I don’t have any experience with blogging, blogs, or really creating and sharing digital media of any kind. On Facebook and other social media sites I don’t post much and consider myself pretty private, so through this course and this blog I hope to start sharing more openly*. I would also love to be more adept at creating media, at this point I don’t even have a vine and all my instagram posts are pretty pointless, so this is one of my major goals.



*But not weird stuff like you sometimes see on Facebook. I know on mine there’s always a weird photo of someone’s snot (gross, I know) or a status that completely over-shares, these are not in my plans for this site. Just FYI, my version of “sharing more openly” does not mean including any of this!

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