Some strengths of my project in its current state are the quality/style of the animations and the fluidity of the story.

A problematic area would be the lack of detail in the animation (background, possibly more frames to create a less rigid feel). Once the entire animation is complete in a “rough” state, I will go back through and add these components and refine the animation as a whole. It would also be nice to add background music, but I’ll take that on only after all the other issues have been resolved.

Speaking of other issues, the animation is currently a youtube video, thanks to a free swf converter. However, the free versions of these converters only allow me to make poor-quality (blurry) videos with logos/ water marks. So, right now, my biggest concern is exactly how I’m going to present a finished version of the project on WordPress (since WordPress doesn’t like swf/flash and I’m not savvy with coding). Maybe I can somehow record my screen as it goes through the animation and use that? We’ll see.

By the next due date, I  plan to completely animate the plot and add a bit more detail to the animation. With unlimited time, I could create a much more seamless product, but the complex and tediously time consuming nature of animating makes that impractical. I will also add audio if time/technology permit, but my major concern is just getting the thing online in a way that is actually presentable (i.e. not blurry).

My project in its current phase can be found in the previous blog post.