Today, I somewhat reworked my project. I’ve decided to go with a satirical version of the story (short and sweet).. I think instead of making the story out of different pages with animated frames, I’m going to animate entire movie and have it play beginning to end, where text just appears on the movie (and just stays for several frames so it’s readable). As of right now, would have to refresh the whole thing to replay it, and no pause/play, etc… but now that I’m taking on less, maybe I can work out those kinks.

Other problems: cannot embed flash in wordpress… trying to convert it to a youtube video and then embed that into word press. (this would probably solve my pause/replay problem… need to find a youtube upload converter) swf to youtube how-to potential youtube uploader

Basic gist of the story:
*dad picks rose*
Dad: No, don’t! I’ll give you my daughter, the one I love more than anything even though I have 5 other daughters, because that makes total sense!
Beast: Oh, okay, that’s cool.
Dad to Bell: I’m sacrificing you to this beast guy because I screwed up and picked his fav flower. Sorry.
Bell: Okay, Daddy, I’ll do it because I love you
Beast: welcome to my castle, do whatever, but don’t touch my rose… I’ll be around, moping and what not.
Bell: okay, Beast.
Bell: oh Beast, my father is sick, let me go to him! I’ll come back
Beast: okay, but come back or I’ll die
*Bell forgets to go back*
Bell: oohhhh shit, I have to go back before Beast dies. I love him now, and that would make me sad.
*runs back*
Bell: Beast! I love you even though you’re hideous and I’m beautiful! It’s what’s on the inside that matters, kids! I accept my sexuality! Yes! ALL the good things!
*Beast turns into handsome, rich prince*
Beast: I love you too, Bell.
Bell: Well, that worked out nicely. I’m pretty glad you’re actually a super hot rich guy instead of an ugly monster. How awkward would that have been, if you didn’t transform?
*And they all live happily ever after the end*

Develop more refined story board– Thurs 4/3
Draw frames –Significant progress by 4/15 (peer review.convert what i have to youtube)
Tinker and make sure everything works
Get it online and functioning in wordpress
Due date — 4/24