Letters to the Editor

Below are a compilation of compositions from constituents endorsing Meg Bohmke’s re-election.

Letter from Larry and Julie Root

This last spring we had a situation in our neighborhood that continued to worsen, drawing the concern of our family and many of our neighbors as well. Our Stafford Board of Supervisors Vice-Chairman, Meg Bohmke, became aware of the situation and gave it her immediate attention, quickly resolving the situation to the relief and satisfaction of our family and our fellow neighbors. We are so thankful to Meg and those she sought help from to resolve this issue and restore the well-being of our neighborhood and our community. Thank you to all those who serve in similar capacities in our area – you are appreciated!

Letter from Price Jett

When political operatives discovered robo calling during election seasons, I stopped answering my home phone. Now that the ugliest forms of politics have invaded so much of the nightly news, I find myself abandoning that. I speak to my children about the importance of objectivity and statesmanship, yet pointing them towards good examples has become increasingly difficult.   However, closer to home, there is a shining light. Her name is Meg Bohmke. I have had the privilege of knowing her for several years.   I am a lifelong resident of Stafford county and of the Falmouth district since 2010.   During that time, I have had the opportunity to see Meg operate up close.  And that has really been refreshing.

I have found her to be uniquely interested in what happens in her district.  I have seen her go to community meetings where “only” 4 or 5 concerned citizens were on hand and no press to spin items into political hay. Nonetheless,  she  was there, first listening, then engaging in solutions and community cohesion. 

I have heard her speak to budgetary items with keen insight and impressive recall of detail. She always seems to promote a clear, conservative approach to  fiscal matters and projects an aura of responsible stewardship. She strikes me as the polar opposite of what I hear on the nightly news.  She’s clear eyed, responsive, engaging with the issues she at hand in a non-evasive and straightforward manner. To me, that is impressive and increasingly rare.

In a world where politicians seem to thrive on gimmicks, controversies  and gotcha moments more than leading,  we are very fortunate to have a leader like Meg Bohmke in Stafford.  She has my vote, and I am proud to point my children in her direction when we speak about public service around the dinner table.

Letter from Willie G. Shelton, Jr.

Meg Bohmke is one of the best informed and prepared Supervisors on the Stafford Board of Supervisors. Bohmke serves her constituents in the Falmouth District 24/7 regardless of the day or time! Bohmke is energetic and willing to discuss issues within the county’s realm.

 As a member of the Public Safety Community (Fire and Rescue) for 50 years, I have been thoroughly impressed with Bohmke’s service to the County’s Public Safety Committee, which oversees our law enforcement and fire and rescue community. As a combination department consisting of career and volunteer fire and rescue, Bohmke works to maintain parity and to enhance the system.

 Constantly striving to improve public safety, transportation concerns, and education, Meg works diligently with all members of County Government to make Stafford the “Best of the Best”. As a previous member of the Stafford School Board, Meg has first-hand knowledge of the school needs for capital improvement and efforts to enhance the quality of education that we Staffordians are so proud to be a part.

Stafford County is no longer the small community that most of us remember growing up in the 1960’s; we are a thriving suburban area that is growing with leaps and bounds. Meg’s work ethic will keep us ahead of the curve for education, public safety, transportation issues, and growth. I encourage all voters in the Falmouth District to come out on November 7th to support a dedicated and loyal public servant, Meg Bohmke.         

Letter from Mark Faller

I give my strongest endorsement for Meg Bohmke’s re-election to the Stafford County Board of Supervisors. Meg has served honorably representing the Falmouth District for the past four years. She was instrumental in the permitting process for my current business, 6 Bears & a Goat Brewing Company. Meg aggressively spearheaded a critical pre-construction meeting with key representatives from the County Office, Health Department, Department of Agriculture, and the Office of the Fire Marshal. This meeting effectively set the stage for the following eight months and afforded these key officials the opportunity to provide valuable insight and planning guidance that was critical to the successful completion of the complex, phased project. Since the opening of 6 Bears & a Goat, Meg has been incredibly responsive to numerous issues and concerns always exceeding my expectations. Meg Bohmke is a person of unremitting integrity who exhibits an unyielding work ethic to get the job done, and to get it done right! As an elected official, she is always cognizant that “time is money,” when advocating for businesses in Stafford County and does not hesitate to roll up her sleeves and do the hard work that is required to support her constituents. Meg is also a realist. She recognizes that all aspects of government are not perfect, but she is resolute in her efforts to improve processes, break down barriers, and connect the right people to ensure Stafford County businesses thrive. I could not give a stronger recommendation for the Stafford County Board of Supervisors. Her dedicated service and sacrifice over the past four years is more than deserving of another term. To vote otherwise would be a disservice to our extraordinary county.