Week 6 – final project ideas

I am not really sure yet what to do and especially how “big” the project has to be. I had posted an idea in the forum but it seems to small for a final project. Not sure.


my final project…make a funny ppp about consequences about hs violations. or a video

The documents from week 3 of our reading material stated the 4 major violations of the honor system and example cases. It was a good read, but too long and too many words, not too many people probably read it or understand the severity of being caught in the wrong doing. I imagine an interactive powerpoint highlighting these four pillars, example case and worst case scenarios of punishment would be a good idea.



Academic Integrity – Proposal for Final Project


The four pillars of honor code violation and the possible consequences



To produce a power point presentation that is short and concise about the honor code violations and their consequences (in English and German)


Why is that important?:

–          Incoming undergraduate and graduate students need to know the rules of VT’s honor code system, the penalties and steps of prosecution, but are often too ignorant or lazy to familiarize themselves with the facts.

–          Long, formal documents explaining all the rules and regulations as well as displaying old case studies exist but some are too long or in written in “legalese”.

–          As far as I know, no documents in other languages exist, even though lots of incoming students don’t speak English very well yet and might have trouble reading these documents. Furthermore, students from other countries are used to different honor code systems or do not have any at all.




Make a short powerpoint:

–          One slide introducing the honor code system

–          Then detailing the four pillars (plagiarism, cheating, falsification, academic sabotage) with two case studies – best and worst possible outcome and their consequences

–          A quiz in the end

–          I envision pictures and very little text.

–          No longer than 5-10 minutes

–          For the website and a must all new students to watch and then maybe answer questions about at the end



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  1. Anca says:

    I think either a presentation or a video would be very useful, since they could serve as future studying materials for students.

  2. lima says:

    Where will you find the video or materials? If you find some, will you make some changes and how to give the citation in the powerpoint?

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