Week 14 – Progress

My team and I finished the english version of our project: “GHS at a glance with the 4 pillars and case studies”. We learned a lot and were shocked by some of the VT cases that were examplified.

Now the difficult thing is translating the ppp into German. First slide: “Graduate Honor system at a glance” – I don’t think that we have an Honor system in Germany, or if we do, I have never heard of it. Second problem: what are graduate students. I don’t even think we differentiate between undergraduate and graduate students, and I have been a both in Germany myself.

I am sure there are rules against cheating, falsification etc at German universities, but a quick google search just now did not reveal much.

I have to dig deeper into the subject, but it is sad that after 5 years of graduate and undergraduate education in Germany I still dont know


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2 Responses to Week 14 – Progress

  1. lima says:

    I also has the trouble by translating it into Chinese!!!

  2. Jay says:

    Wow, it is amazing that you are having so much trouble finding issues relating to cheating, falsification, etc. in Germany. Is it emphasized too much here, or are we just a bunch of cheats her in the US? Or, is it just not talked about in Germany? Other reasons why? I’m sure you’ll delve into this during your presentation.

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