Week 11 – Ethics in the news

First off, is it just me or is everything in module 9-12 empty?


Ethics in news:


It makes me sad seeing how people (reporters, journalists) always try to profit from war, bad luck, embarrassments etc from “normal” people. I can’t imagine a life spend following a celebrity around and waiting for them to “screw up”. But reporting about war and death and then lying about it is horrible. My ethical beliefs are strongly against it. But everyone is different, and people want to survive – need money, fame etc.

Ethics is something that cannot be defined or made rules for – I think it is something that strongly depends on the individual person and how they were raised and what there believes and morals are. That’s why we need precise rules for the university – it must be written down – in clear words on what is expected from us, especially sinceĀ  a university is made up from so many foreigners.


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2 Responses to Week 11 – Ethics in the news

  1. Jay says:

    I agree, some of these professions that look for people’s weaknesses and then use them for exploitative purposes is not where we should be at. It seems to be worse as we progress in society, by the large amount of “reality” television that people tune into that do the same type of exploitation in a different format. I guess one expects this from these types of television shows, but when it comes into journalism it is a little more difficult to swallow due the the ethical standards for this profession. I found one of the polls at the very beginning of this module interesting and encouraging to some degree about ethical standards in the workplace, where at least the reporting of ethical behavior was improving amongst employees- although the management piece was a little disconcerting!

  2. LiMA says:

    Actually, still some people didn’t obey the rules. That is why the law are needed.

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