Week 7 – Guys, I think we are too late with all our project ideas

Looks like what most of us planned to do for our final project already exists:


Providing Lunch is a great way get peoples attention.


Survival in Academic America: Multicultural Academic Integrity for International Students

March 17 & March 20, 12:00p.m. – 1:00p.m.

Graduate Life Center, Meeting Room C

Designed primarily for Virginia Tech international students, this presentation will clearly explain, using multiple languages and in multicultural contexts, the concepts of academic integrity, plagiarism, and citations. Students will be guided in hands-on practice to easily make citations correctly and learn how to avoid infringement of the VT Undergraduate and Graduate Honor Systems.  Lunch Provided.

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  1. ellens says:

    Seems like a great event. Are you planning to attend? For those of you on the Blacksburg campus, maybe you can develop materials to be presented at future “Lunch & Learn” seminars?

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