Being fair and not being judgmental

In my class I have students that are present all the time and actively participating and students who are not even there half of the time.  I gave out an exam (they had to write an assay) for which the students had exactly 24 hours to complete.

Half an hour after the deadline was up the first student emails me. She says “I won’t be able to submit on time. I will submit in a few hours, you can deduct points for late submission if you choose to do so”

Ahem? Well thank you for allowing me to choose.

I was kind of taken a back and want to fail her. I never said that late submissions will be accepted.

At the very least write before the deadline is over and then ask nicely for an extended deadline. But the way this student automatically assumed I will deduct points shows how “well trained” she was by the whole school system. They are probably so used to a lack of serious consequences by most professor s  – they act as if they run the show and we have to cater to their needs.

I don’t think it is fair for their future employees if we don’t teach them consequences.

I know I am being harsh now but it annoyed me a little. I haven’t decided what to do yet.

Especially since she is one of the students who hardly ever shows up and then never participates in class – but since there is no attendance rule I have to be fair and cannot let that influence my decision.

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