Week 8 – Fair use determination

The dissertation of a friend read: ” Figure 1.3. QTL maps of low phytate loci in CX1834.  Low phytate was shown to be associated with loci on LGs L and N.  [Fair use] Walker D.R., Scaboo A.M., Pantalone V.R., Wilcox J.R., Boerma H.R. (2006) Genetic mapping of loci associated with seed phytic acid content in CX1834-1-2 soybean. Crop Sci. 46:390-397. https://www.agronomy.org/publications/cs/articles/46/1/390 (accessed July 10, 2011).  Fair use determination attached.”


I always wondered what this meant. After reading VTs copyright guidlines (http://www.lib.vt.edu/copyright/can-i-use-it.html) and used the tool from the university of Minnesota (https://www.lib.umn.edu/copyright/fairthoughts) I understand now.

But it seems like a big overkill. After every figure that came from someone else I need to write about fair use and attach a fair use determination.

I find it sometimes difficult to determine the “Amount and substantiality of the portion used”.

Does everyone have to attach a fair use determination document?

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  1. Jay says:

    I agree with your statements 100%. After going through this module it made me aware of just how many gray areas there are in the fair use world. Alot of this seems to be overkill when we are in the classroom or using items for non-profit functions. Great points…

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