The Invention of the Lawnmower

The lawn mower created by Edwin Budding in 1830 became a revolutionary invention for the future of lawns, sports, and even the domestication of grazing animals.  Budding got the idea of creating the lawnmower when he worked at a textile mill that made cut, carpet fabric in a uniform manner using series of blades around a cylinder. He began to tinker with his concept and brought along an engineer named John Ferrabee to help him in the making of the lawnmower. They got their first patent on the lawnmower in Stroud, England, 1830. The lawnmower was built out of cast iron parts and had a cutting wheel that perpendicularly cut the grass unlike the modern day lawnmower that cuts the grass with a parallel blade.

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Shortly after their first patent went out they allowed other people to create and improve upon their invention. One company called the Ransomes of Ipswich began to make the mowers in 1832 and still makes mowers today.  Along with other companies that joined the craze the lawnmower became a everyday necessity for places and people with lawns. With the invention of the mower, people began to have evenly cut lawns in a short amount of time, increasing peoples activities on grass sports such as tennis, soccer, polo, and more. Soon enough, farmers began to domesticate their grass grazing pals with a set plot of grass for them to eat on. Eventually grass lawns became a common necessity for homes in the 19th and 20th century.

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With the increase of people moving more towards suburban areas in the 19th and 20th century many mower companies continued to improve upon the mower and make them safer, easier, and faster to cut grass. Eventually making robot lawnmowers, that are like the Roombas of the outdoors.

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