Who Are Extension Master Gardeners?

Who are Virginia Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners?

Extension Master Gardeners are trained volunteer educators. VCE-MGs work within their local communities to encourage and promote environmentally sound horticulture practices through sustainable landscape management education and training. As an educational outreach component¬†of Virginia Cooperative Extension, the Master Gardener program brings the resources of Virginia’s land-grant universities – Virginia Tech and Virginia State University – ¬†to the people of the Commonwealth. All volunteers are trained with at least 50 hours of horticultural classes and return at least 50 hours of volunteer community service through their local Extension office.

Statewide, the VCE Master Gardener program is made up of more than 5,500 active and certified Master Gardeners in 61 units. These volunteers contribute over 350,000 hours of volunteer service each year. Master Gardeners who continue to participate in the program return at least 20 hours of service with a minimum of 8 continued education hours annually.

By sharing sound horticultural knowledge and teaching environmentally responsible landscape practices, Extension Master Gardeners are sharing knowledge and empowering communities throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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