Master Gardener College Updates

Master Gardener College Updates

See below for updates that are coming in weekly to Master Gardener College!

Update: June 19

Official Master Gardener College Program

We are excited the announce that the Master Gardener College program is ready! You can view and download it here. Attendees will receive one in their welcome packet when they check-in. We are very excited and can’t wait to see everyone soon!

Update: May 15

Roommate Request

f you would like to request a roommate when you register under double occupancy, be sure that you e-mail, state which conference you are attending, dates and name of roommate. We suggest that both roommates send the request.

Unfortunately, the system was not set up this year to collect that information.  We will be working on that for next year’s MG College.


Update: May 12

The Pre-College guide to this years tours, workshops, and experiences of the NRV is available. This handy guide lists all the descriptions and fees associated with these additional Master Gardener College experiences. 

For the downloadable .pdf click here 

Update: May 11,

For registering for Master Gardener College we recommend using with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Sometimes Explorer and Safari do not display information correctly. 

Update: May 10

MGC Registration Opens

Registration is now open for MG College and Housing!  Full details on College can be found at

Registering for the conference and for housing requires two separate registrations.  They are two separate and independent processes.  If you have problems with either, please contact each respective office directly with any questions or concerns you may be having before you try contacting the state coordinator’s office.  Contact information is below in the two sections. 

Detailed Instructions for registering for College and housing can be found at:

See you there!

Update: April 20 

MGC T-shirt 

This year to commemorate the 30th annual Master Gardener College, special t-shirts will be available for purchase. This specialty shirt will feature the 30th anniversary logo (back) and the EMG state logo (front) and will be available for purchase during registration! 

Master Gardener College Updates
LandCare Steward Tour Announced: Food Forestry for Homes and Communities

Update: April 19

LandCare Steward Tour Announced: Food Forestry for Homes and Communities

Food forestry focuses on growing edible perennial plants in a system that mimics a forest ecosystem. Fruit and nut trees form the canopy, berry bushes are placed in the understory and herbs and low-growing plants such as strawberries and oregano cover the ground. These human-designed perennial food systems can be installed as edible landscaping around a home or in communal areas such as public parks. 

Catherine Bukowski has visited and documented twenty four sites across the country where they are installed as community projects on publicly accessible land and open for free harvesting tot he public. She continues to work on establishing a local one at the Hale-Y community garden with the support of VT Engage. She will discuss and show various examples of what she has seen in the development of the sites as well as their ability to transform underutilized urban areas into abundant landscapes that serve various community functions. This session will discuss food forests generally as well as go into some specifics on the design methodology.

Master Gardener College Updates
Master Gardener College Updates
Master Gardener College Updates

Update: April 18

This year attendees will once again have the opportunity to dance the night away at the Floyd Country Store! Maria, 2016 MG College attendee, wrote about her experience in the article below:  

The Floyd Country Store

“On Friday night we went to a traditional and great, cheerful place in Floyd called The Floyd Country Store. It is a place where every Friday people from the town and nearby cities find each other. They spend time listening to live country music show and dancing to its rhythm. All the 24 except Daniel Fuji, went to that typical place and had a lot of fun.

The Floyd Country Store is a very warm place. Once you are there, everyone is with a smile enjoying and having fun. All the people we met there were super kind. They smiled at us although we were in a big and noisy group. We went into the dance floor even though we did not know how to dance. The people were very generous and patient, they thought us the different steps. What is more, they danced with us.

Most of the people who were dancing are living in the Floyd area (they are from Floyd, or Christiansburg or even Blacksburg and its county). They told us they go there almost every week. They start listening to and dancing to country music at about 6.30 pm and they stay until the store closes.

There were regular people who go every days and also there were plenty of tourists who wanted to live the experience. We met people from all ages. Most of them were energetic, love-dancing elderly, but there were young families with little kids and also a few teenagers and young people.

The place itself generated an authentic experience for everyone. You can feel the energy. When you are sitting down, they make you start moving. You can´t stay quiet anymore when you realize they are tapping their toes in front of you. Its sound, as two spoons crashing each other, made me fell happy.”

María Guillermina Folmer
Argentina Fulbright Program 2017

Master Gardener College Updates

Update: April 17

Tour of the Dining Services Farm at Kentland Farm and the Urban Horticulture Center.

Every year, the Dining Services Farm produces nearly 40,000 pounds of fresh produce for dining halls at Virginia Tech.  This tour will examine the sustainable vegetable production practices and educational programs taking place at the Dining Services Farm at Kentland Research Farm, as well as season extension practices in high tunnels at the Urban Horticulture Center.

Update: March 23

30th MGC Logo Winner Decided

We are excited to announce the the official logo of this years College has been released! 

Master Gardener College Updates

Update: March 11

We are excited to announce the the official promo video for the 30th Annual Master Gardener College has been posted! 

Announcing the 30th Annual Master Gardener College

This is an exciting year for the Extension Master Gardener Program for it will mark the 30th Annual Master Gardener College. MGC has been held every year since 1987. This year the continuing education event will be held at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. We are excited to announce that there will be over 40 concurrent sessions as well as 6 keynotes from leading Horticulture and Extension speakers! Stay tuned for more information and let us know if you are planning to come!

Update: March 10

Welcome to the new Master Gardener College Update page! This is the place for all the latest news and stories about the upcoming MGC! Stay tuned!