The State Coordinator’s Office produces a monthly webinar series for current Virginia Extension Master Gardeners. If you are a current Virginia EMG, you may view webinars live, or you may view an archive of previous webinars.


December 18, 10:00 AM

Winter Turf Q+A

We know it’s December, and now is the time you can get all of your lawn questions answered for the upcoming year by the Virginia Tech Turf Team:  Mike Goatley, Tom Kuhar, Shawn Askew, and David McCall

2018 Webinar Schedule


January 11

Flowers, Flowers, and more Flowers- Special guest Dr. Holly Scoggins provides information and recommendations for garden flowers, including recommendations for early-flowering varieties and unusual flowers you may not know about!

Coordinator's topic

February 15

Coordinator’s topic and open forum. Join the State Coordinator’s Office and Laura Maxey Nay as we discuss home visit guidelines and communications updates.

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March 8

Boxwood Blight: Frequently Asked Questions – Special guest Mary Ann Hansen, Extension Plant Pathologist with the Virginia Tech Plant Disease Clinic, provides an update on Boxwood Blight in Virginia.  Mary Ann discusses what is currently known about the disease and its spread in Virginia, and shares resources on best management practices for preventing or managing Boxwood Blight in home landscapes.

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April 12 

Coordinator’s Topic and Open Forum – Join the State Coordinator’s Office for an update on 2018 Master Gardener College.

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May 10

Spotted Lanternfly Update and Monitoring Project – Join Eric Day, Extension Entomologist, for a discussion of the spotted lanternfly in Virginia.

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May 24

Coordinator’s Topic and Open Forum

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June 14 

Coordinator’s topic and open forum: Join Ed Olsen, Henrico Extension Agent as he discusses Leadership Training for Incoming Boards and other Volunteer Leaders

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August 16

Coordinator’s Topic: Tree Steward program highlights with prospectives from a current Tree Steward

scott doublas

September 13

Scott Douglas, Director of Hahn Horticulture Garden

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October 11

Dave Close Conflict Resolution and Communication

The Leadership, Volunteerism, and Civic Engagement Program Team invites you to this 50 minute webinar with Dave Close as he discusses working through the unavoidable conflict that we all encounter in our work.


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November 8

State Office and MG College 2019 Updates

Join the JohnDave (or is it DaveJohn?) show to hear exciting news about MG College 2019, held in Norfolk, VA as well as other important EMG program updates!
John Freeborn


John Freeborn and Melissa Chase, Volunteer Recruitment

Join Melissa Chase and John Freeborn from the Leadership, Volunteerism, and Civic Engagement Program Team as they discuss tips and thoughts about volunteer recruitment for the EMG program, the Master Food Volunteer program and more!

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