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Join Virginia Tech Plant Pathologist, Mary Ann Hansen, as she discusses common plant diseases in Virginia. In this video she talks about Cedar-Quince Rust. Cedar-Quince Rust produces cankers on Red Cedar trees and the orange/rust color of the canker is produced by the production of brightly colored spores by the fungus. The spores produced are blown over to infect a second host. ... See MoreSee Less

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Terri, JoAnne and Dianna bonded at the Demonstration Garden the last few years and decided to challenge their ability to mix fun and work at the Farmers Market. They had such a good time last Saturday that they've decided to continue the collaboration next year and into the future. They engaged everyone who slowed down near their table, offered them free yellow, double blooming iris (donated by Bill) which was a big hit, they asked for questions and looked up answers, Dianna talked about her Hoop House at home and showed Market Goers how to be successful during the cold months and how to grow the same plants in raised beds. JoAnne, a professional landscaper, answered all landscaping questions, and Terri looked up and documented answers on her computer via Virginia Tech online databases and documented all of the questions for office review. Brochures were handed out, and "Good Insect" charts were front and center to remind everyone what their garden's best friends looked like. Everyone left the table happy 💕 ... See MoreSee Less

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