I’m a Ph.D. candidate in the mechanical engineering department at Virginia Tech, aspiring by microfluidics. I have a master’s degree in chemical engineering from Tennessee Tech University with the various research experiences on computational modeling of cancerous systems and teaching experiences on chemical engineering undergraduate courses. I am working on Agent-Based-Modeling of tumor microenvironment here at Virginia Tech. My teaching experience at Virginia Tech focused on viscosity lab lead teaching assistantship in the mechanical engineering department. My research work at Virginia Tech focused on developing a microfluidic device coupled with a computational fluid dynamics model to investigate the effect of the electric field on drug delivery into the tumor. The application of advanced computational fluid dynamics model validated with 3D cell culture systems has proven benefits in providing more physiologically relevant conditions, and the capability of mimicking biomedical devices for precision cancer treatment. To investigate the effectiveness of new cancer treatments such as iontophoresis, I designed and fabricated a novel 3D microfluidic platform to effectively control the flow rate, electric field, and drug dosage.  My work on developing a microfluidic device was presented in thirteen oral and poster presentations at national and international conferences. I live in Blacksburg, have a great family in Nashville, and enjoy calligraphy and playing Setar. To know more about me, please refer to Moarefian’s Curriculum Vitae.