About this site

We hope this site will be useful for distributing information about the Virginia Tech chapter of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences.  Check out additional information on the MAOP site.  The organization is open to students and professionals of all racial and ethnic backgrounds and to majors in all related fields, not just agriculture.  Come join us!

Why you should join MANRRS?

  • Assists in diversifying the Natural Resources and Life Sciences workforce
  • Helps foster leadership and community service
  • Creates opportunities to build career & professional networks
  • Identifies jobs and internship opportunities
  • Works to link students with professionals to conduct and/or support research
  • Provides opportunities to participate in regional and national meetings

You can contact the chapter advisors for further information, or join our listserv by following instructions below.

Ms. Natasha Saunders, nnsaunde@vt.edu

Mr. Tommy Amal, tamal2@vt.edu

Dr. Carola Haas, cahaas@vt.edu

VT MANRRS is on Linked In! Please consider joining our VT MANRRS Linked In group, to connect with alums and view job and internship announcements.

To subscribe to the listserv, mannrs-g@vt.edu

(1) Login to your VT Google account.

(2) In the upper-right corner of the page, click the Apps icon, which is represented by a grid of dots.

(3) Click the Groups icon in the bottom center of the display.

(4) In the search bar at the top, type in manrrs-g to locate our listserv.

(5) Click on the manrrs-g group.  Then click Join Group.

For illustrations and more information, visit https://vt4help.service-now.com/kb_view_customer.do?sysparm_article=KB0010540#join and https://support.google.com/groups/answer/1067205?hl=en