Praskovia (Pasha) Lukianova was a Soviet heroine during WWI. After having gone throw a series of tragic events in her life and throughout the war, she grew into a the strong, independent, and Moscow defending woman that became popular through the war recruiting post “The Motherland Calls You.”


She is further popular for her protaganist character in the film “She Defends the Mother Land.” After hearing that the Nazi had taken over Moscow (and learning her peers believed it) she got quiet upset and gave a passionate speech about Moscow, her love for her country, and how it must be protected.

“If Moscow is taken, how can we keep on living, how can we keep our hears from breaking?”

“Moscow is ours!”

“Our people could never give up what is dearest and most kindred to them!”

She further gets upset with her peers and how they go straight into mourning rather than doing something to “defend” Moscow.

“You started mourning like women, shame on you!”

Pasha started a partisan band to defend her country, drive out invaders, and even capture Nazis. Her story reflects upon the Soviet’s nationalism and desire to win this war against the Nazi. Their struggles and determination were so deeply rooted that their women were becoming some of the strongest supporters and soldiers of the USSR.

Her story can also be used to answer questions of why did they fight or how did they win? Through the poster and short clip we can see how strong Soviet nationalism is. “The Motherland Calls You” is a great comparison to American Rosie the Riveter and Uncle Sam posters. The idea that your country needs you in the war effort grabs the attention of everyone, including women. Soviets fought with Moscow in mind and that they needed to do whatever possible to defend it.