The End Of Autumn (1887) by Konstantin Pervukhin800px-Pervukhin_001

This painting by Konstantin Pervukhin reminds me a lot of the paintings we reviewed in class on Thursday. The landscape of bare trees and Russian architecture in the background is very similar to other paintings by “The Wanders.” Additionally, like other Peredvizhniki paintings, it isn’t breath taking, yet it is still beautiful in the eyes of this group of artists. What I find interesting about this picture and what I liked about it, is that its exactly how I picture Russia. I have always seen it as kind of gloomy, barren, with the “classical” Russian architecture you see in Moscow.

About the artist and painting: Pervukhin painted mostly Impressionist landscapes while contributing much work to many different art exhibitions and working as a photographer and writer. He was also a founding member of the Union of Russian Artists, which set up 18 exhibitions in Russia. However, when looking up more information about this specific piece there was none. I think he chose to paint this scene because it is a very classic Russian scene.

Mallory Wyne

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