My story started from Tunisia. When I was in high school, I really enjoyed the computer sciences class and admired the way our teacher was teaching us. I was excellent in Maths, so I decided to study Engineering. In Tunisia, in order to be an engineer, you have to go through 2 tough years based the most on maths and physics. After these two years, I have chosen to study computer sciences; basically engineering in computer sciences. After my bachelor, I got a master in computer sciences from the same school. My master focused on constructing and studying the performance of a network of sensors.

Since I wanted to do a PhD, and Maths is a basic component in our research, I decided to apply for a master in applied mathematics in Virginia Tech. Why Virginia Tech? First, because it is a great school, second because my husband was pursuing his PhD there. During my masters in Virginia Tech, I had the opportunity to be a teaching assistant; starting from helping the students understanding the material, grading, proctoring, arriving to teach my own class. That was really amazing! During that semester (the semester I was teaching a class), I knew that in the future, I want to be a teacher.

After the master, I started a PhD in Computer Engineering, working on transportation networks. I was really attentive to the professors who taught me during my PhD. I was focusing on the material, of course, but also, on the way each of them was teaching. I learned a lot from them, scientifically and pedagogically.

One day, one of my lab-mates was talking about a teaching certificate from the grad school. I asked him about the details, and here I am! That is what I was looking for. I took the contemporary pedagogy class in Spring 2019. This semester, I am taking the future professoriate class, and hopefully next semester I will take the communication class. These classes are so beneficial for someone who wants to continue in academia, which I like to do.

I know that to be a teacher is not an easy job, but I know that I will be always trying to be a better teacher.