Networked Learning

I personally believe that using technology for teaching is really beneficial for teachers and students. Technology (like i Clicker, online classes, Zoom, canvas, …) makes the life easier and creates a better learning environment.  However using blogging is new for me.  I am discovering how powerful it is and like Seth Godin and Tom Peters said, it is “a life changing” and “you are doing it to force yourself to be a part of a conversation”. and that’s really what I feel when writing my first blog.

On the other side, I think that technology should be consumed in moderation in order to keep the real world relationship  between people (or also between the student and the teacher). Some students will not be able to blog about a personal situation. However, if they tell the teacher about it, he could help them do better in their life and in his class. I like the TEDx talk by Michael Wesch, who each time took the lunch with one of his students, that was a life changing for them!