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I have been thinking much lately about what I will do when I become a professor because I have begun applying for jobs (one of which is my dream job). Specifically, my role as an adviser. I will be expected employ undergraduate and graduate students to achieve my research goals. I look back upon my education and have no experience as a manager and no training in this area. I have only my experience being managed and being advised. This, along with teaching, seems to be neglected in training of future professors. I have had the two ends of the management spectrum. My previous advisers kept me very focused and managed my time very well. I had little time to think about what I was doing, let alone the big picture. My current advisers give me enough rope to hang myself. I have been free to explore things that interest me and provide community service. Which one is best? I do not know. Maybe it is best that we find our own way as every manager needs to at some point, but then why is management an entire major?

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  1. Comment by urzsmith:

    I think that we eventually become a blend of what we saw. I already find that I use my MS advisor’s “tactics” in organizing my PhD program and research. It doesn’t mean that it’s right, it just is. And I agree with you… I would like to see workshops geared towards lab management, grant management, and student advising for grad students interested in academic positions.

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