Blog Post 2 – Ethics

Educators play an important role in the higher education systems, they are the ones who form professionals to go contribute to the world, but also, they raise the new and future mass of professors. In other words, professors have an important role in how the world is shaped through the actions/contributors of those they have “ETHICS”. However, in the current, and for multiple reasons, the relationship between higher education and the ideal role of professors is affecting the relationship between professor-student, which ultimately affects the citizens we sent to the world. I am going to focus on the relationships with PhD students in the engineering fields of higher education. Nowadays, is it worth to ask the question why is the ratio of international vs National students increasing? Are PhD students the one with more opportunities in the market To put graduate students in context, PhD students are not regular students, they are professionals that have chosen to continue study for many more years instead of being part of the work-force, probably in higher positions and good salaries. However, are they being treated this way? Studies show that PhD students suffer from this and this. In that context, I believe schools need to do this, control for fairness, provide development resources, etc. But the most immediate and direct connection between students and the university are the professors and advisors. So, I advocate for them Toni corporate in the recurrent teaching practices new views. For example, use empathy.

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