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Teaching in the 21st Century

Educational system goals are inextricably intertwined with society’s requirements. Seth Godin’s talk in the link below is very insightful in understanding how the training of obedient and passive individuals was incentivized by the industrial revolution. In short, mass-producing companies benefited … Continue reading

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Critical Pedagogy: Education re-imagined

The traditional style of education termed as the banking concept of education by Freire provides students with a fragmented static view of reality. Students are assumed to know nothing, and their function is limited to receiving and storing the narrations … Continue reading

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Digital era; the coin has two sides

The surge of digital technologies has changed all aspects of life. As a millennial, I have personally seen the drastic shift from the pre-digital era to the era of digital technologies. The new generation cannot imagine a world free from … Continue reading

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My Most Unique Class Experience

My closest experience to a case-based class was a graduate class at Virginia Tech on Decision Analysis. It was more of a flipped course in which we had to prepare for the material and were handed a related challenging problem … Continue reading

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What makes graduate school so different from college?

This blog post is inspired by Mindful Learning, written by Ellen J. Langer. In this article, professor Langer clarifies the myths about learning and how they relate to learning mindlessly. Mindful learning requires active engagement with the subject of study, … Continue reading

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Discovering my teaching self

I discovered early on that teaching is by far the most enjoyable activity for me. My favorite game was to gather children the same age and play the role of their teacher. I was lucky to have a younger sister … Continue reading

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