Future of the University

One of the main issues about the Saudi higher education, that I believe inhibits the development of the educational system, is the absence of the needed plans that focus on research and support the faculty researchers. After finishing my PhD here at VT, I will be working as a faculty member at a university in Saudi Arabia and it is unfortunate to see the universities in SA are disregarding research. We also need more scientific conferences and journals as scientific research known as the base of national development and the vehicle for progress.

The lecture method is another key issue in higher education in SA and I believe it is an issue in the educational systems in most of the Arab countries. Shifting the teaching approach from “faculty-centered” to more “student-centered” is now necessary more than ever to keep the students actively engaged with the learning process. Students should be required to undertake more responsibilities for doing their own inquiries, apply learned lessons, and make meaning of what they have learned. Faculty members should no longer provide a huge amount of information and expect the students to learn by sitting and listening, but they should use a variety of hands-on activities to promote learning.


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