GRAD 5014: Week 12: Ethics Project

For the final project, I want to do a presentation about authorship issues. The reason why I choose this topic is because I think it is a very important topic in academic integrity, and also because of my experiences.

I have made two mistakes about the authorship issue, and many of my friends have experienced similar situations, and they are confused about it too. As I have talked about before, when the deadline for a conference is coming, I told one professor that I didn’t have any ideas about what to submit for the conference, she helped me identified a previous study of mine and helped me edited the abstract, so I add her as an coauthor because I thought she helped me a lot, but she was not happy about me adding her as coauthor without asking her. I was surprised by this, so for my other project, I didn’t add the person who worked with me as coauthor, because I thought this was also my previous project, and she did the similar contribution as the other professor did. It turned out that she was unhappy about not adding her as coauthor. That was my first time submitting abstracts to conferences, and obvious the experiences were very unpleasant. After that I talked with my advisor about this, and she told me not to worry and try to learn from this experiences.

Interestingly, one of my friend who is also a PhD student was also bothered and confused about the authorship issues. Her paper was admitted by a top conference in her field, and her advisor organized practicing time for all the students who were attending the conference, while she was practicing presenting her paper, another student kept asking demanding questions and she was so confused about that student’s behavior, after the practice session, that student complained that she was not added as a coauthor because she also contributed to the study. My friend was also very frustrated about this situation.

I think these situations happen very often, especially among international students, so I decide to explore more about authorship issues in difference field, and work on this as my final project for this class.



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