GRAD 5014 Week 5: The VT Graduate Honor System, Part II

Integrity 2_0

In this week’s class, we continued talking about Graduate Honor System. I like all the videos and readings in this week’s study.  The interactive movie “The lab” is really impressing and useful and I learned a lot. The following is my experiences working through the interactive movie, “The Lab.”

As a graduate student, I played the graduate student Kim Park first, and I can see how the challenges that she faced are similar to mine if I encounter the similar situation. For instance, the pressure from colleagues, the PI professor, and also the high expectation from her parents, it’s a blessing that her parents are so supportive, otherwise, it would be a worse situation.  I choose all the right actions, and in the end, she becomes a hero to save the lab, and the reputation of the university.  However, during the process, she is under great pressure, like being isolated, and mistreated in her lab, that she has to change lab and her graduation date will be delayed for a year. It is unfortunate for her, but I think she made the right choice, and she has an experience with science misconduct which will be helpful in her future research life.

I also really like the video on the motivations for why students cheat and plagiarize.  In this video, he first introduced the types of problems of cheating and plagiarize. From the Learning perspective, it will decrease academic engagement and achievement. From the  assessment perspective, it will undermines the validity of test results and grades, and from developmental perspective, it will compromise the development of moral character.

I agree with the the opinion of Intrinsic and extrinsic motivations. It also reminded me my education experiences when I was younger, especially before college as it was mostly performance goal orientated. The teachers, administrators and parents emphasize too much on tests and grades, and the students were under great pressure. As a doctoral student now, I think I won’t want my students have the similar experiences that I had earlier.

I also agree with the model of achieving with integrity. The core values are respect, trust, honesty, responsibility, effort, and the curriculum and instruction should be material oriented, teaching and learning, pedagogical, caring and fairness. In addition,  of students, teachers, administrators and parents have shared responsibility in building a community with academic integrity.



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  1. Hey Yujun,

    I totally agree with the performance based goals experience you mentioned here. Back in Turkey as I went through the school system, it was always “you’ll have fun later”. I clearly recall back in middle-school I was told by my teachers: “Aras, don’t have fun now, do your studying and complete your work. you’ll have plenty of time to goof off in high-school!”, then in high-school it was: “Aras, you don’t have time to go to the bars and movies with your friends… You have to study for the University entrance exams! Once you get into a good college, you’ll have plenty of time to relax…” then in college, well… you get the idea. I believe very much in JD from the videos saying: “you are asked to run on this treadmill and you keep saying to yourself, after this next hill I will start my life, but after a while you realize, wait a minute, this IS my life!” you really need to learn to plan and prioritize things better, after all we all have a limited number of breaths to take before we expire, we therefore owe it to ourselves to make the most of them!

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