GRAD 5014: Week 4 The VT Graduate Honors System, Part I

This week’s news is about integrity in the sports, Anthony Bosch talked about how he helped Alex Rodriguez using drugs to improve his performance in baseball games.  I am astonished to know that how those players treat integrity with lies and tricks, and this is so unfair for clean players. The most unacceptable thing is that Anthony Bosch who helped the players with drug uses said that it is part of the game, it is not wrong to use drugs, but it is just the matter of how and when you use it.  His attitude must enraged many audience.

Similar as the integrity in sports, the integrity in academia is also very important. I have read about the Graduate Honor System,  and I think it is the Constitution is very organized and in detailed, in addition, I didn’t think deep enough about the differences of some of  the violations. For instance,  the differences between plagiarism and falsification.  I also learned Academic Sabotage as a new phrase.

I think a university Honor Code can help student avoid cheating, plagiarism,  falsification, and academic sabotage.  Every graduate student should learn about it before they start really conducting research or teaching.

One of the responsibilities of the university to maintain academic integrity is to educate all the students about the importance of integrity and also it would be  very helpful if the advisors of the graduate students are aware of the cultural differences among different nations and be more sympathy and willing to help with the students.

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  1. Lyujun,

    I agree that it is deplorable for sportsmen to abuse the system by cheating and as such, but I kinda also agreed with Mr. Bosch’s statement: “look, everyone else is doing it… if you don’t you will only find yourself at a dis-advantage” and the thing is, he might very well be right. If you think about it, isn’t it kind of insane for any player to throw a 95-mile-per-hour curve-ball as if it was nothing? Now that said, does it make it right that A-Rod indeed supposedly used these drugs? I honestly don’t know the correct answer to that question, but I do think we definitely should improve our detection mechanisms, so we can penalize the wrong-doers in hopes of deterring such illicit acts in the sports world 🙂

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