Mission Statement for PFP-Fall2014

Mission Statements

The first mission statement I find is from Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL), as it’s my alma mater. WUSTL is a medium-sized university located in St. Louis, Missouri.


WUSTL’s mission is to discover and disseminate knowledge, and protect the freedom of inquiry through research, teaching, and learning.

Who We Are

The goals of Washington University in St .Louis are: 

  • To welcome students, faculty, and staff from all backgrounds to create an inclusive community that is welcoming, nurturing, and intellectually rigorous;
  • to foster excellence in our teaching, research, scholarship, and service;
  • to prepare students with attitudes, skills, and habits of lifelong learning and leadership thereby enabling them to be productive members of a global society; and
  • to be an institution that excels by its accomplishments in our home community, St. Louis, as well as in the nation and the world.

The other mission statement I find is from Stanford University as it is one of my favorite universities.


The mission is “Nature, Object, and Purposes of the Institution” founded by Leland Stanford and Jane Lathrop Stanford in these terms:

Its nature, that of a university with such seminaries of learning as shall make it of the highest grade, including mechanical institutes, museums, galleries of art, laboratories, and conservatories, together with all things necessary for the study of agriculture in all its branches, and for mechanical training, and the studies and exercises directed to the cultivation and enlargement of the mind;

Its object, to qualify its students for personal success, and direct usefulness in life;

And its purposes, to promote the public welfare by exercising an influence in behalf of humanity and civilization, teaching the blessings of liberty regulated by law, and inculcating love and reverence for the great principles of government as derived from the inalienable rights of man to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Comparing to WUSTL’s mission statement, Stanford University’s mission statement is longer and more detailed.  What stood out to me is that both the two mission statements emphasized on freedom and liberty, and I think it is a privilege and at the same time the human right.

The Stanford’s mission statement also mentioned usefulness in life and pursuit of happiness for individual student,  and I think it sounds more practical and close to the students.

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