GRAD5014: Week 1

Self introduction– discipline, background, research and professional interests.

My name is Yujun Liu, a second year PhD student in the department of Human Development, here at Virginia Tech.

My hometown is Shandong, China. I got my Master of Social Work from Washington University in St. Louis in 2013, before that I was in China Agricultural University, Beijing, China.  Currently, I am studying Adult Development and Aging and my research interests include dementia care, gerotechnology, and aging in place.

What are your initial impressions of this statement of principles? What are principles (versus laws, beliefs, facts, etc)?

My initial impression of the Virginia Tech Principles of Community is that Virginia Tech is very international, and emphasizes on the universal aspects of equality and justice.  In my opinion, principles are a series of concepts or assumptions that defined by certain individuals or organizations. It is suggested but not enforced by government or society.

What do you make of the acknowledgement that the university includes, in part, “a legacy that reflected bias and exclusion.” What does this suggest to you?

I don’t quite understand the full meaning of this acknowledgement.

Which of the principles do you find most intriguing? 

I find the principle “We pledge our collective commitment to these principles in the spirit of the Virginia Tech motto of Ut Prosim (That I May Serve)” most intriguing.  This principle reflects the overall characteristics of this university, and it also reminds the students that one of the goals of education is to be able to serve the need of the community and society.