Technical Characteristics

LWA1 Technical Characteristics

Beams 4, independently-steerable, each dual-polarization
Tunings 2 independent “tunings” (center frequencies) per beam
Tuning Range 24-87 MHz (>4:1 sky-noise dominated); 10-88 MHz usable
Instantaneous Bandwidth Up to about 17 MHz x 2 tunings x 4 beams
Spectral Resolution No channelization before recording, so essentially 0 Hz. Also, a real-time 1024+ channel full-Stokes spectrometer is available.
Beam FWHM Upper-bounded by (3.2 deg.)*[(74 MHz)/nu]^1.5
Beam SEFD Approx. 6 kJy @ zenith, roughly independent of frequency above 30 MHz
This is about 10 Jy for SNR=5 in 1 s and 16 MHz at zenith
All-Dipoles Modes “TBN”: 70 kHz bandwidth from every dipole, continuously
“TBW”: 78 MHz bandwidth from every dipole, in 61 ms “bursts” every 5 min

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