Results:  Here are some some early science results that demonstrate the capabilities of LWA1.  Also check out technical demonstrations.

Pulsars: Currently 20 pulsars have been detected, including the millisecond pulsar J2145-0750 and the Crab (B0531+21; via it’s giant pulses).  Here’s J2145-0750 (courtesy J. Dowell) and a few well-known bright pulsars:



B0823+26 at 74 MHz
B0823+26 at 38 MHz

Pulsars From 2012 URSI

Crab giant pulses:  Steve Ellingson (VT) caught these giant pulses from B0531+21.  For more, see LWA1’s first accepted science paper.

All Sky Imaging: Jake Hartman (JPL) made this all-sky image using PASI.


Cas A / Cyg A Flux Ratio: Steve Ellingson (VT) generated this result from TBN data: 

Solar Observing:  This result is from Stephen White (AFRL), demonstrating the greatly increased detail possible using LWA1:

Joe Craig (UNM) caught this solar burst:

Jupiter storm observation provided by Joe Craig (UNM):

Jupiter Storm

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