Ongoing projects using LWA1: (Let me know if you’d like to see your project described here!)

  • PulsarsPaul Ray (NRL) and Greg Taylor (UNM) are coordinating pulsar observations on LWA1.  Steve Ellingson (VT) is currently heading up a Crab giant pulses observing program.
  • JupiterTracy Clarke (NRL) is currently leading a Jupiter observing project
  • SunStephen White (AFRL) is currently leading a Solar observing project
  • Extrasolar “Hot Jupiters”:  Gregg Hallinan and Jake Hartman are currently looking for these
  • Transients:  Single Dispersed PulsesSteve Ellingson (VT) and John Simonetti (VT) plus collaborators have several concurrent LWA1 observing projects systematically searching for transient emission from various exotica (GRB prompt emission, exploding primordial black holes, compact object mergers, cusping cosmic strings, etc.) in beam data.
  • Transients:  Narrowband all-sky surveillance Jake Hartman (most recently of JPL) and Greg Taylor (UNM) are using PASI (see below) to look for bright continuum transients on timescales of seconds or greater.
  • All Sky Imaging:  The “Prototype All-Sky Imager” (PASI) is an operational backend developed by Jake Hartman (most recently of JPL), Greg Taylor (UNM), and folks at Los Alamos National Lab. PASI uses LWA1’s TBN output to make sensitive narrowband (~70 kHz) bandwidth all-sky images every few seconds.  Real-time PASI output can often be found on LWA TV.
  • Dark Ages Cosmology:  LEDA The Large-Aperture Experiment to Detect the Dark Ages (LEDA) is a collaboration between Harvard (PI: Greenhill), U.C. Berkeley (PI: Werthimer), UNM (PI: Taylor), and VT (PI: Ellingson) to detect 21-cm emission from neutral hydrogen in the intergalactic medium about 100 million years after the Big Bang (redshifts 20-30), using LWA1 with an alternative digital backend (a full-bandwidth “all-dipoles” correlator) with some additional “outrigger” antennas.
  • Dark Ages Cosmology: Observing Cosmic Dawn is a project of Judd Bowman (ASU) and Greg Taylor (UNM) to attempt the 21-cm hydrogen detection using LWA1 as-is.

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