Instrument Status

Instrument Status Last Updated UTC 2013 Jul 22:

  • LWA1 is operational.
  • Both polarizations are operational in nearly all stands
  • Initial operational capability (IOC) was achieved on April 24, 2012.  Commissioning is essentially complete.
  • 1919 of 2994 beam-hours from the first call for proposals (CFP1) completed
  • 1401 of 1373 beam-hours from the second call for proposals (CFP2) completed
  • 84 of 1484 beam-hours from the third call for proposals (CFP3) completed
  • An additional ~800 beam-hours associated with commissioning or special projects has been logged
  • The LWA North Arm (LWANA) site is operational
  • Click here for the current station static MIB initialization file (SSMIF)
  • Click here for real-time system status, PASI output, and weather (never mind the security warnings — it’s safe.)

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