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  • Public Art Around VT Campus

    Posted on October 16th, 2020 lukewagnersbolg No comments

    Attending such a magnificent campus, there are beautiful works of art all around. Here are a few that caught my eye this past week.

    The first picture on the left is of War Memorial Chapple pylons. Here all the names of Virginia Tech students who died in world war one are etched. Aside from being a sentimental monument, it is a fantastic work that symbolizes power with the tall stone pylons and the detailed soldiers on each one.

    The right photograph is in D2 at Detrick Hall is a very ascetically pleasing piece of work that always catches my eye. The curved steel ribins throw the light all over the room and look to be suspended by the thin dowels. It is intriguing because the sharp edges are on the bent ribins and the soft curves are on the straight dowels.

    The final photograph on the bottom is behind Burchard Hall. It is of four abstract pillars that, at first glance, look like white french fries. Each one is unique but connected by color and curvy nature. My favorite one is the second one from the left. I like the gradual curve that meets a sharp turn and then dies into the ground.

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