“Iron Chef”

Hey all!

This week my group decided to separate each portion of the Iron Chef project into three parts. While each of us put effort into each part, I got to concentrate on the “Dessert” section that focused on carbohydrates. In past lecture classes I have found myself just memorizing the functions and structures of carbohydrates. In this case, this particular assignment has challenged me to research carbohydrates and actually understand what they are all about. I found the dessert part very interesting being an HNFE major because many people in today’s society choose to participate in low-carb diets. This allowed me to find that if you are not receiving energy from carbohydrates, then you get energy from alternative sources such as fats and proteins. Also, this project allowed me to actually understand the structure of a disaccharide. I have decided to use cupcakes as my dessert ┬áto represent the carbon and oxygen elements.

Overall, I have enjoyed this project because it has been very hands on. We have gotten to effectively learn the four major building blocks of cells, their functions, and show where they come from in foods that we consume.

I really hope everyone enjoyed this project as much as I did!

Logan Hand

Start-UP excitement

Hey Everyone!

I hope that everyone has gotten back in the groove of classes after having a long summer break. I know many people have posted and blogged about Scale-UP, but I am so excited about this new learning experience that I wanted to share my own thoughts and opinions as well. I have never had the opportunity to take part in a Scale-UP classroom since being at Virginia Tech. I was so excited when I heard from peers about this type of class and how much they enjoyed it. I have always found it difficult to absorb information through dry, fast paced lectures. It does not allow me to actually look for the information and learn it. I continually feel that lecture classes just require you to memorize the information you are supposed to learn. Just in the past two weeks, Scale-UP has allowed me to go into depth of the text required to read in order to succeed in my group assignments. Being in groups allows multiple brains to work together and think of the better way to interpret and answer the questions in the group assignments. This class has already allowed me to understand the subject of cell and molecular biology more clear. It has made me work hard and be engaged in the text and classroom. I have also enjoyed being able to ask questions within the entire table and work together on difficult questions. I hope everyone else is excited about this experience as much as I am. I look forward to meeting most of you during this awesome academic opportunity!

Logan Hand