Thanksgiving Calories!

Hey y’all!

So many of you know that you consume a lot of food during the big Thanksgiving meal, but do you know the average amount of calories you are intaking? How much fat? When researching this topic I was SO shocked of what I found. The average person will consume around 4,500 calories during the ONE Thanksgiving meal, with an average of 229 grams of fat! WOW! Now do you understand why everyone in your family falls asleep right after that huge meal? With all the fats and sugars cooked in Thanksgiving dinner it makes you extremely sleepy. When talking about metabolism in cellular and molecular biology, can you imagine the work your body does to break down all of that food? CRAZY!

Here’s the website I found to give you some healthy suggestions on what to substitute in your recipes to lower the calorie intake a little for you this Thanksgiving:¬†

I hope every one has a relaxing and enjoyable break! Happy Thanksgiving!

Logan Hand

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